As you could have guessed, you scholar, my name is Erin and I’m 20-something year old that is saving up for her hip replacement.

For my day job, I work as a digital marketer at a rad little company in Central Jersey. However, after hours, is a completely different story.

I’ve spent years of my life battling my weight. I ballooned to almost 300 pounds and decided to stop the cycle. In my years of learning, observing, training, and growing, I’ve dropped 100+ pounds.

But don’t get it twisted! It’s not all sunshine and roses, my friend. During the years it took me to shed those pounds, I developed some heavy issues with food and a warped body image. To combat my anxiety, I decided to focus on mindfulness and meditation practices.

My mindfulness has helped me evolve and tackle those hard hitting issues that were boggin’ my little noggin down for far too long. Realizing that exercising and food has a huge impact on how my body and brain feels made all the difference.

Despite gaining a few pounds back and losing a few pounds, I actively work every single day to make myself better than I was the day before. Both mentally and physically.